CarbonSwap’s Marketplace Release Update

2 min readAug 4, 2021


It’s coming.

Dear Carbonauts,

On June 21st, the Soots published a freshly crafted development roadmap, detailing everything that’ll come to the CarbonSwap metaverse through the rest of 2021. You can see it again here.

One of the highlights of the publication was without a doubt the announcement of the imminent launch of a Marketplace, which will create an open space for all Carbonauts to trade their precious fungible and non-fungible tokens.

The release of the marketplace was first scheduled to take place before August 1st 2021. However, as we were approaching the release date, we took into consideration a couple of factors that made us want to push the release a few days into the future:

We want a vibrant marketplace that is and feels alive.

In order to provide that, the single most important factor is ensuring the marketplace is populated with high quality assets, buyers and sellers from day one. There is a remarkable list of teams and individuals currently giving the last touches to their respective projects, which will use CarbonSwap’s marketplace as a platform to reach their audience. We are in close communication with many of these teams, and we are doing our best to support them. Consequently, we decided to time the launch of the Marketplace so they can be on the front page the day it opens doors. If you are working on a project that will leverage CarbonSwap’s Marketplace, we’d love to hear all about it. You can get in touch via filling in this form.

If it looks good, it feels better.

As soon as the new strategic timing for the launch was established, we decided to use the extra time to develop a series of UI improvements that will provide a more comfortable and overall better user experience. We want all Carbonauts to feel at home, even if at the market.

So, when can we expect the Marketplace to arrive?

The release of the Marketplace will take place in August 2021. Following what by now is already a CarbonSwap tradition, proper indications about the exact date and time will be given soon, and a countdown will surely make an appearance.

We look forward top seeing you all in the Marketplace!

The Soots