CarbonSwap Roadmap 2021

Jun 21, 2021


Dear Community! These past weeks, the Soots have been working non-stop to expand the utility provided by CarbonSwap and SUSU, and we’ve finally settled on a badass roadmap that outlines everything that’s coming to the CarbonSwap metaverse in the weeks and months to come. Without further ado:

In the following weeks, we will be double-clicking on each of the items of the roadmap, providing an expanded overview of the utility and functionalities these will bring to CarbonSwap.

The details of the first two roadmap items, “NFT Marketplace” and “Custom Yield Farms”, will go online tomorrow!

Once all the items are revealed, we will engage in a live interactive AMA where we’ll be thrilled to address all the Qs from the community!

The Soots