CarbonSwap’s Roadmap Spotlight #2

2 min readJul 6, 2021


Today, we are happy to reveal more information about two additional milestones in our 2021 roadmap, soon-to-be available in the CarbonSwap metaverse. Missed the first part? You can catch up here.

Governance 2.0

The first implementation of CarbonSwap Governance went live on June 9th, via Since then, Carbonauts have been able to vote on a wide spectrum of proposals, with the weight of their vote determined by the amount of $SUSUs (CarbonSwap’s governance token) they held.

It has been great to see the community so involved in the decision-making that will shape the future of CarbonSwap! Now, we want to dial it up a notch.

The release of Governance 2.0 will bring:

  • SUSU bonding: the vote score will be determined by a bonding mechanism based on how much xSUSU you are willing to lock up, and for how long, therefore signaling the level of commitment. We believe those who are invested in the project long term should have a louder voice. Locking up of xSUSU instead of SUSU ensures that your SUSUs keep working for you while bonded
  • Delegation: do you trust a fellow community member to make better decisions than you? Share your governance power.
  • Minimum thresholds: the ability to launch proposals will only be available to accounts that surpass a set minimum level of stake in the CarbonSwap ecosystem.
  • Taking a major step towards becoming a full fledged DAO. Governance proposals and outcomes will carry a more serious weight instead of just signaling.

Lending Platform

Building on the DeFi utility of CarbonSwap, we are on a path to empower the community to have full control over their assets. More features are coming to CarbonSwap:

  • Borrow and lend assets on-chain: generate additional yield by depositing into lending pools and expand your arbitrage options by borrowing assets at the expense of locking a collateral. Flash-loans and margin trading? You got it!
  • Create your own customized markets for lending, borrowing, and collateralizing tokens, and build your own strategies/products/services on top of the lending platform. Nothing can stop you.
  • Chainlink Oracle price-tracking support: the value of locked collateral is tracked, resulting in a seamless process for loan pay-off. Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?

See you in Spotlight #3!