The launch of CarbonSwap and what is yet to come…

4 min readMay 20, 2021

A community update from the SUSU hivemind.

What a few weeks we just had. Time has literally flown by. Let’s take a second to admire what we (the community) have accomplished, and recap all that’s happened.

On April 21st, 2021, 10 intrepid individuals got together and took part in the summoning ritual that unleashed the SUSUs to walk among us. CarbonSwap was born as the first DEX to ever be built on a blockchain running 100% on renewable energy.

The love for SUSUs was on the rise, and the community certainly showed it. In just a few days, CarbonSwap already counted with $10+ million liquidity ($24+ now), 15k+ transactions (300k+ now), 27 listed token pairs (104 now) and more than $5 million ($14+ now) bridged from the Ethereum mainnet.

The summoning ritual was a complete success, and SUSUs started entering our dimension by the thousands, compelled by an early-bird program that made them storm in with unsuspected strength. Liquidity providers were thrilled to welcome those freshly arrived SUSU, cozy within their newfound home: your wallets.

Despite their strong commitment towards preserving the environment, the members of our community have a certain predilection for steaks. The ask was clear, and so was our response: why should we eat alone when we can invite everybody to a big party! On April 28th, users were able to embark on the first choose-your-own-path adventure set in the CarbonSwap Metaverse. On it, players were forced to deal with enchanting frogs, shiny lambos, mesmerizing forests and threatening situations, all of it to hopefully catch an invitation to the party! The adventure was rewarding, as everybody got their chance to attend… in different qualities. Whether you were a VIP, a wood sourcer or a firestarter, you played a critical role in making sure the party was a success, and we couldn’t have been happier about having you there. In fact, we are recently hearing rumors of a certain batch of NFTs (and more) that will commemorate your much appreciated attendance.

The party ended with a bang, as SUSU holders were given the option to put them at stake, obtaining xSUSU in return. xSUSU are a wilder, more resourceful version of their brothers, and they like to thank their new owners by collecting 0.05% of all swaps on CarbonSwap. As of now, there are more than $12 million SUSUs in the staking contract, silently but methodically working for their owners.

In just a few hours (at block 11961527), the early-bird program will come to an end, and the flow of SUSUs into our dimension will stabilize back to its normal, more calmed state. Fear not, however, as millions of SUSU still crave a chance to meet you, and are patiently waiting for their turn to show up. The end of the early-bird, or “halving” as we call it, will effectively turn SUSU into a more scarce resource, as they will be harder to capture.

With this, we’ll be officially closing Season 1 of the CarbonSwap Metaverse. We would like to take a moment to appreciate the reactions and overall warmth we received from the community. They’ve been overwhelming, and we want to express our most heartfelt gratitude for it. As any DEX, CarbonSwap is destined to be just as strong as the community behind it. And what a community we have!

Rest and rejoice, but brace yourself… Tons of things are coming.

Immediately after the closure of Season 1, we’ll start working on the rollout of Season 2 and the many features that will come with it:

  • Expanded SUSU utility: your SUSUs are learning more skills, and are eager to prove their versatility.
  • CarbonSwap energy-related use cases.
  • First governance opportunities: your SUSUs have a saying in shaping what’s to come next.
  • Expanded CarbonSwap Metaverse: more adventures and rewards are waiting for you.
  • In-built gamification: don’t you think you should be rewarded for the actions you perform on CarbonSwap? We do.
  • New token listings
  • New liquidity/farming pools
  • Ramp-up of NFT-related features
  • And more…

We are extremely excited about the following weeks and months, and can’t wait to show you what’s cooking. The team is thrilled with how passionate you are about their work, and we are committed to keep working around the clock to make CarbonSwap feel like home.

Sincerely, the CarbonSwap Team

P.S. The CarbonSwap team is always looking for passionate developers that want to contribute towards the mission and vision of CarbonSwap. If you are interested in rocking with us, get in touch at:

Which one would you pick?