GreenSea Collection Spotlight #1

A closer look at the assets inhabiting the marketplace

4 min readSep 2, 2021

GreenSea is almost here. In preparation for its arrival, we want to take a moment and highlight those teams and projects that decided to start sailing the green waters on day 1. Without further ado, let’s get to it!

** Note the contents of this article do not constitute investment advice**

1 # CarbonLand Trust

CarbonLand Trust storms the GreenSea by introducing the CarbonLand Trust collection. Each of these NFTs represent real carbon removal credits, associated to real owned forest land conserved solely for the purpose of sequestering CO2.

Organizations and individuals looking to reduce their carbon footprint can now acquire these CO2 bonds to further their sustainability targets.

In this case, buying an NFT can be your good deed for the day

No CO2 sequestration method is more effective or energy efficient than letting trees grow for generations.

The CarbonLand Trust collection is the first batch of “energy-focused” NFTs making an appearance on GreenSea. You can learn more about CarbonLand on their website.

2# CrossChain Apparel

CrossChain Apparel sets sail on Green Sea with an awesome line of CarbonSwap-themed merch.

Carbonauts can finally spot each other in public

While SUSU is the only currency capable of navigating the Green Sea, the NFTs will be priced to reflect as accurately as possible the merch’s retail price: $45, $50 and $40 for the T-shirt, Pants and Cap respectively.

If you are wondering how to wear an NFT, don’t! Shortly after Green Sea opens its doors, CrossChain Apparel will unveil the CrossChain Apparel’s digital store, where you’ll be able to present your NFT to complete the purchase order. And good news: the merch will ship globally with no additional cost.

If you are more of a digital person instead, note CrossChain Apparel has plans to make these NFTs wearable in a virtual environment, so keep an eye out for the chance to show your outfit both in the physical world and the Metaverse!

3# CryptoSoots

If you call yourself a Carbonaut, chances are you are already holding at least one CryptoSoot!

The CryptoSoots collection was first released on August 2nd, 2021. A total of 1337 CryptoSoots were minted, with the entire collection selling out in 5 days after its initial release. You can visit their page here.

Not all CryptoSoots were created equal. Their color, fur type, limbs or even the items they carried were randomly generated, creating quite a demand for those NFTs displaying the rarer characteristics. They even displayed personal stats, such as endurance and intelligence, hinting a future scenario where CryptoSoots will be eventually usable in a game.

Saisho, the firstborn

Cryptosoots are now finding a new home in GreenSea. Don’t miss your chance of catching them.

4# CarbonSwap Season 1 NFTs

The BBQ party is now nothing but a distant memory. However, those who made it to the party still hold an NFT that commemorates their attendance.

CarbonSwap’s official Season 1 NFTs will see the light once again with the arrival of GreenSea. If you’ve been chasing that elusive Firestarter, or the sneaky Stowaway, now is the perfect opportunity to catch them all.

CarbonSwap Season 1 NFTs

5# Carbonauts NFT Collection

Being part of the Carbonaut community really fills us with pride. Ranging from special parties and events all the way through the governance voting, there is already a sizable collection of stories we share together. The Carbonaut NFT collection will soon be making a sudden appearance in those wallets that participated in some of the most pivotal events of Carbonaut history, and they’ll arrive ready to navigate the Green Sea.

Space Carbonaut

With the doors of Green Sea almost open, we want to repeat once again how excited we are of sharing it with all Carbonauts. There’s a long list of collections ready to be listed in the following days and weeks, so stay tuned for more installments of Green Sea Collection Spotlight!

See you on the green waters,

The Soots