CarbonSwap’s Roadmap Spotlight #1

3 min readJun 22, 2021


Today, we come to you with news about some of the most imminent features about to land in the CarbonSwap metaverse.

NFT Marketplace

We love NFTs. They not only are a memorable way to commemorate pivotal events in the history of CarbonSwap, but also a great tool to reward those that were there to witness them. Their potential extends as far as imagination goes, and in CarbonSwap that means a deep connection to the energy space. Whatever the value they represent, they all have something in common: the need for a robust, secure marketplace that allows users to trade their precious NFTs. As a direct response to that, coming end of July:

Marketplace v1, a fully fledged green marketplace including the following functionalities

  • Browse: explore all available NFTs and collections.
  • Buy and Sell: on-chain OTC market
  • Bid: submit bids on your desired NFTs or offer them up for public sale
  • Launch: use the marketplace to launch your products on CarbonSwap. The marketplace is open to anybody that wishes to share their NFTs with the world.

The marketplace will operate with $SUSU as its currency. Out of every trade, a small fraction will be funneled into the xSUSU staking pool, further rewarding SUSU stakers. The marketplace will also implement a reward system for NFT-creators, earning them fees from their NFT’s trades in perpetuity.

Stay tuned and hold tight onto your NFTs!

New Listing Opportunities

Any token that expands the utility of CarbonSwap is to be met with a warm welcome! We are committed to keep expanding the list of supported tokens, so you can use CarbonSwap to manage and trade your favorite assets.

As a DEX, anybody can add a token to CarbonSwap. Now, we are also opening the gates for those developers that wish to see their project listed on the official CarbonSwap Token List.

Listing requirements to add your token to the official CarbonSwap List:

  • All tokens need to bring utility and value to the CarbonSwap ecosystem.
  • The community’s voice is extremely important to discern which tokens we want to see on CarbonSwap, and will be heard.
  • New tokens shall provide a minimum of $50k liquidity on the token/SUSU pool.

Would you like to see your project/token on CarbonSwap? Contact us at

New type of farms coming to CarbonSwap

Our farming contract held some hidden features, and they are about to make an appearance: it will now be possible to create farms that yield custom rewards.

We look forward to populating CarbonSwap with these new types of interesting yields, and leverage them to support upcoming & innovative projects.

Would you like to create a custom-farm catered to your community? Reach out to us at and let’s do it!

Who knows? Your SUSUs may be getting some company soon.