CarbonSwap Flash Update

3 min readMay 31, 2021

A Brief Story of NFTs

With the closure of Season 1, it was just a matter of time before some consequences started to materialize in our world. Our SUSUs have been working non-stop, and throughout the last week, we finally managed to catch a glimpse of the collectibles.

If you participated in the SUSU Summoning ritual, or in the once-in-a-lifetime Staking Party: congratulations! You are now looking at your brand-new NFTs. Not long ago, these NFTs finally stopped their incessant spinning to drop where they belong: your wallets. We hope you like them as much as we do!

However, dropping the NFTs is only the beginning, as this will simply mark the starting point of your adventure in the CarbonSwap Metaverse. And here, it is entirely up to you to decide who you are.

Are you a collector, focused on obtaining a copy of each CarbonSwap-issued NFT? In time, juicy rewards will surely await those who accomplish such a feat. Or could it be that you are a merchant, always on the lookout for buyers that are willing to fill your pockets in exchange for your valuable art pieces? The rarer the NFT, the larger the demand for it…

We are fully committed to enhancing the functionality around the NFTs. In the following weeks, the team will be working on designing and deploying features such as:

  • NFT marketplace: enabling the trading of CarbonSwap and Community NFTs
  • NFT collection: an easy way to visualize the state of your NFT collection
  • NFT-related rewards: managing to gather certain NFTs in your collection will surely unleash powerful effects.
  • Energy-related NFTs

Stay tuned for more NFT action!

CarbonSwap’s governance has joined the party

One of SUSU’s core functionalities is and will always be the governance of CarbonSwap. As a SUSU or xSUSU holder, you’ll have a saying in the discussions that will shape this project in the coming future. Enabling that is a top priority for us, and what better way to walk our first steps on this path than with another game?

Those who participated in the staking party also had the chance of embarking on the first Storyline of Season 1. Depending on your choices, you ended up exploring impressive cities or exuberant forests and meeting quite a diverse cast of characters. In the following days, we’ll release the continuation of one of those storylines, and you’ll have yet another chance to shape its outcome. However, this time, it won’t only be you at the wheel, but the entire community.

All SUSU holders will dispose of a limited time to vote for its preferred outcome. When the timer hits zero, whichever option gathered the strongest support from your SUSUs will be the one that’ll become canon!

While this experiment will be done within the context of a game, it will serve as a fantastic testbed for the team to learn from it and advance towards establishing a robust governance system that is tied to pivotal decisions for the future of CarbonSwap.

New portal unlocked: Binance

CarbonSwap’s Omnibridge is now connected to Binance Smart Chain. All BSC users are now able to use the Omnibridge to bring their tokens to the Energy Web Chain.

The CarbonSwap team is committed to keep launching more bridges that improve the user experience of our ecosystem. Stay tuned for extra portals!

‘’Whatever you have, wherever you have it, there’s a place in CarbonSwap for it’’

New Rotating Farming Pools

We can’t describe CarbonSwap’s yield farming program as anything other than a resounding success. We were overwhelmed by the engagement shown by the community, and those shiny SUSUs safely stored in your wallets are a constant reminder of your important contribution at the dawn of CarbonSwap.

We are now excited about introducing the next feature: Rotating Farming Pools!

While most of the existing pools will remain part of the yield farming program indefinitely, new pools will certainly appear… for limited periods of time. These new pools will come with tons of energy, and they may showcase a special reward progression.

We intend this to be a vehicle to keep rewarding the community, as well as showcase new exciting listings on CarbonSwap.